It’s time to make more money online.

It’s time to make more money online.



We have got a site that pays daily for just login in, reading news and commenting your view or opinion. It’s called N.I.P.


Not just a referral or networking site. You won’t need to refer before you earn. Registration / Program purchase fee is just 1,600 naira onetime payment. Just make sure you input cash4fortune as your sponsor username.


Please take your time to read this if truly you want to bank enough cash into your bank account.


I am sending you this message to try double your hustle. Are you earning enough at your present job?


If you do or not, this is for you to, earn extra income to cater for your extra expenses.


Smart guys are leveraging the opportunity already. This is a business you join for only N1, 600. onetime payment.




For just daily login into your membership dashboard and / or commenting you earn cash to be deposited into your bank account.


You can also refer others if you wish to earn even more and not less than 50% of your registration fee for each person you refereed. Weather you refer of not you will still be earning money..


You will be shocked of the potential earnings on the platform.


I am pretty sure you will be earning close to 30k monthly, even more, if you are serious at it.


N.I.P Income is new, much people have no clue about it yet. This is where you need to grab the opportunity in order to earn as much as you want before it become very popular. Since when I setup this platform, I have been promoting it on Facebook and a lot of people are getting involved on daily basis because I have solution.


A lot of people want to earn money online with less effort. People need a system where they can at least be earning alternatively without referring.


That’s where N.I.P Income comes in to play. With our new features of daily login, comment and earn, a lot of people are interested. I can keep this to myself and make as much as I want but that’s not my calling.

A delay might be disastrous, take an action now!!!


This is what i called; DYHCrew or DYHGang (Double your hustle).  This monthly earning + your monthly salary from your working place = enough money at least. Half bread is better than none.


If you are not yet a member and wish to learn more about N.I.P Income Opportunity, click on or copy and paste the link below.


NOTE: Remember to input cash4fortune as your sponsor username.




After payment, send evidence of payment to and for your payment to be verified, and your account will be activated instantly upon verification.



REMEMBER: input cash4fortune as your sponsor username.
Have a nice day and happy money making.






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